Monday, December 17, 2007


Tobacco is the lifeblood of the Cavalry scout. It doesn't matter what form it comes in, my guys will smoke, chew, dip, and inhale their way into a tobacco-laced escape. Hell, I'm pretty sure that they would freebase it if they needed to. Never underestimate the creative ingenuity of a 19-Delta.

Don't ask why, it's just a part of the camo culture. It definitely helps them stay awake and alert longer, and then there are always those urban legends about scouts who smoke on their two-mile run to propel them to a faster time, or the scouts who keep the same monster dip in their mouths over the course of a 72-hour dismounted OP (observation post) mission.

SFC Big Country has managed to get me hooked on black coffee - the less taboo vice of the military - and swears I'll be dipping and smoking like an addict three months into our deployment. He figures I'll have to, to salvage some sanity over the long hours. It makes sense, as I am prone to addictions (see sugared cereals, Guinness, the DeaconSports Quad), but I'm going to make a concerted effort to resist. The buzz from smoking doesn't do much for me, and the two times I've dipped before (given to me by my NCOs after late night missions, as in their expert opinions, I needed it to settle me down before I started tweaking), my head span for five minutes before I crashed out on whatever flat surface I could find. Not exactly my definition of a good time. I didn't vomit either time, though - something I take great pride in.

Anyhow, I'm sure the PC Fascists won't like this particular piece. Sometime between Woodstock and Y2K, smoking became a faux pas worthy of societal scorn. Smokers are like lepers now, complete with isolated colonies in public buildings. I'm not trying to celebrate the scout's never-ending quest for more and more tobacco, I'm just pointing out that it is a staple of our culture - just like reverence for the fallen, male chauvanism, and fart jokes. We all have our vices, and trust me, there are plenty more vices that soldiers have and deserve. Not all are as humorous, or as printable, as this one.


Tim (Reno) said...

Tobacco is a hell-of-a-drug! Haha, I smoked for about 8 years and quit like 4 years ago. At one point I tried to quit smoking by chewing tobacco instead. After 4 months I ended up chewing 1/2 can of copenhagen a day and no closer to quitting. But if I was over there I would probably start again. Take care, keep posting.

Tim (Reno)

Duncan said...

Hey buddy, just found your blog. Hope every thing is going well there. The Quad is not the same without you ... it's much better.

Happy Holidays mate! Be safe!


2LT C said...

Embrace the Skoal's the only thing that got me through my paltry 6 months of ADT this year. Power to the Quad, I would not have found this otherwise. I now have, yet another source of distraction. Nice.

ipitytheblue said...

way to represent the Quad! hope everything's going well for you. happy holidays and stay safe!

dice d said...

What's the Quad?

Anne Boisselle said...

For whatever reason, this post has gotten the most comments. I am going to add mine: DO NOT START CHEWING OR SMOKING! You won't be receiving a welcome home kiss if that crap is on your breath.

Hugs and Kisses!