Monday, February 15, 2010


As the offensive continues in Marja in Afghanistan, please keep Corporal Luis Hernandez in your thoughts and prayers. He and his fellow Marines are "mowing the grass" - also known as the clearing portion of counterinsurgency - and the more positive vibes sent their way, the better.


OldGrouchy Doug Wright said...

Corporal Hernandez: God speed to you and all your Marine and GI buddies!

God Bless!

Nina G said...

Thank You Matthew..our prayers are with Corporal Luis and his troops...I also pray for every Soldier's family who worry about their young Son's and Daughter's...may they find some peace.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Matt,
I really appreciate your prayers. I enjoyed our conversation in Central Park about your views when you were overseas. I have talked to alot of young men since both my boys have been in several years now and in constant amazement of your bravery. How many of you volunteer knowing we are in difficult times. Proud to serve your country. For all you young men it is not about the politics but the simple idea of serving your country. Thank you for serving, writing a book about your feelings and views of your experience. Wish you well with the book and would love to have another conversation some day.
Love Mary
Corporal Luis Hernandez Mom