Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Green Zebra

I wrote a brief piece on the state of the veteran in our glorious postmodern Republic for The Sandbox. Check it out, or face the e-gallows!


1775OGG said...

Read the "Green Zebra" and it sounds like what others might be experiencing. Even us peacetime guys experienced withdrawal when we got out, also that the ratio of former service to civilian "Gee, what did ..." was the same back then.

However, while it was great to also read the other postings on there, it's unsettling that
"Doonesbury" is the tagline on the "Sandbox." Trudeau has been dead to me for years but maybe there's a tad bit of value to that old hippie SOB after all. Still, haven't noticed his cartoon for years.

Good job, Cpt G.


pedPT said...

I loved your posting -- helps me as a mother to know what to ask and how to listen when I have to deal with the return of my "child" from the war zone. Today, in my state, all the flags are at half mast for a marine who was killed this past week in Afghanistan, every flag I drive by catches my attention and I send prayers off to whomever is listening for peace for his soul and healing for the family and friends left behind. I hope you can enjoy NYC, there are wonderful people there, not just assholes :). Thanks for your service.

lorraine said...

Doonesbury's Sandbox is how I got turned on to the wonderful world of milblogs. I never would have found a way into the war without it. Of course now I found the cave opening and can explore for hours since I have the way in. Great advice should I actually see one of these rare birds, 'cept my kid.